Dressage (a French term meaning "training") is a path and destination of competitive horse training, with competitions held at all levels from amateur to the Olympics. Its fundamental purpose is to develop, through standardized progressive training methods, a horse's natural athletic ability and willingness to perform, thereby maximizing its potential as a riding horse. At the peak of a dressage horse's gymnastic development, it can smoothly respond to a skilled rider's minimal aids by performing the requested movement while remaining relaxed and appearing effortless. Dressage is occasionally referred to as "Horse Ballet." Although the discipline has its roots in classical Greek horsemanship, mainly through the influence of Xenophon, dressage was first recognized as an important equestrian pursuit during the Renaissance in Western Europe. The great European riding masters of that period developed a sequential training system that has changed little since then and classical dressage is still considered the basis of trained modern dressage.

Early European aristocrats displayed their horses' training in equestrian pageants, but in modern dressage competition, successful training at the various levels is demonstrated through the performance of "tests," or prescribed series of movements within a standard arena. Judges evaluate each movement on the basis of an objective standard appropriate to the level of the test and assign each movement a score from zero to ten - zero being "not executed" and ten being "excellent." A score of nine (or "very good") is considered a particularly high mark, while a competitor achieving all sixes (or 60% overall) should be considering moving on to the next level.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Home again home again :)

      Hi there,
               We have been back in Ashby for a total of 13 days and I feel like I have been on a month long marathon!
                So happy that 13 horses moved safely from Florida to Massachusetts. Many thanks to Chanett and Darwin for there hard work along the way and to Ariel for closing up the farm in Florida while taking care of her last days of school and exams. And a big thank you to Meadowbrook transport for their awesome service and a trip well executed.
               I am always a bit nervous about the trip and it usually takes me a couple of days to realize that we all made it without a hitch and start to relax. But, this time it took 13 days to realize we are safe and home ...because.........when we arrived to Ashby we had a couple of big jobs ahead. Our clinic with Conrad Schumacher was fantastic. Thank you so much to everyone that joined in to make it such a special weekend. Mr Schumacher is in great form with his teaching. I think everyone got alot out of every lesson. So awesome that the riders not only get so much out of his lessons, but by their open approach to the lessons we all learn from every lesson!  Thank you also to Bill McMullin and Dr Brett Gaby for their guest apperances as our lunchtime lecturers. It was such an awesome weekend of positive horsemanship, I am thrilled.
               The Bill's were kind enough to fit me in their clinic with Mr Schumacher as well, so my well travelled boys Wesley and Dhoppler got to go for more instruction and we had even more fantastic help form the master at Dry Water Farm. :) Never enough!
               Then it was off to NEDA Spring....I had a wonderful time catching up with our Jr/Young riders some at their first qualifyer for the season. The support for the fundraising is starting to build momentum, thank you girls! We are looking forward to our first Silent Auction to be held at Centerline Events at Hits this coming weekend.   This is alot to manage and I cannot do it without your help!
               Dhoppler was a star at the show and has earned himself a couple of easy days out in the beautiful fields at The Ashby Stock Farm. I am so lucky to have the support of Scott and casey Satriano. Dhoppler is so fun to train and I hope to help him become the best most confident competitor for his next owner.
                 So here we are monday morning, a look back at the fast paced couple of weeks brings a big smile to my face, memories of a job well done by my staff and my wonderful husband. A look forward to alot of work that needs to be done, but with energy and enthusiasm toward our wonderful sport and fantastic horses.
                  Ride well!

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