Dressage (a French term meaning "training") is a path and destination of competitive horse training, with competitions held at all levels from amateur to the Olympics. Its fundamental purpose is to develop, through standardized progressive training methods, a horse's natural athletic ability and willingness to perform, thereby maximizing its potential as a riding horse. At the peak of a dressage horse's gymnastic development, it can smoothly respond to a skilled rider's minimal aids by performing the requested movement while remaining relaxed and appearing effortless. Dressage is occasionally referred to as "Horse Ballet." Although the discipline has its roots in classical Greek horsemanship, mainly through the influence of Xenophon, dressage was first recognized as an important equestrian pursuit during the Renaissance in Western Europe. The great European riding masters of that period developed a sequential training system that has changed little since then and classical dressage is still considered the basis of trained modern dressage.

Early European aristocrats displayed their horses' training in equestrian pageants, but in modern dressage competition, successful training at the various levels is demonstrated through the performance of "tests," or prescribed series of movements within a standard arena. Judges evaluate each movement on the basis of an objective standard appropriate to the level of the test and assign each movement a score from zero to ten - zero being "not executed" and ten being "excellent." A score of nine (or "very good") is considered a particularly high mark, while a competitor achieving all sixes (or 60% overall) should be considering moving on to the next level.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Perfect Pik!

Weare back in Massachusetts after an extremely enjoyable weekend in Climax, North Carolina. It was time to take Perfect Pik for his Oldenburg inspection at Pepperwood Farm in Farquay Varina. Matt came along for the exciting journey. Nancy Sharpless had done a wonderful job of preparing Honalulu and Peanut for the adventure, THANK YOU NANCY!

Here is a picture of the little peanut being perfect in the trailer.

He got his first plaque! and is a Premium colt! With 8.1 points!!!

He was on absolutly fantastic behavior, and when he was feeling his oats Jesus handled him beautifully.
We also had fun seeing Tami Batts and two of Ranko's babies that did extremely well, both Premium status as well. Congratulations Tami and Vicky!
The Oldenburg inspection at Pepperwood Farm was the largest inspection in the US this year! 37 horses. It was very well run with alot of quality young horses. We will find some results and post them soon. There were 4 premium fillies and 4 premium colts out of 25 or so presented. But, even in the group that were not premium there were some special babies! I was excited to see how my guy stood up to the competition, and the judge Christian Schaft was very complimentary and informative in his commentary. Thank you to all of the Pepperwood staff that organised all of the horses and owners so that everything could run so smoothly.
I am totally excited about Perfect Pik and his future! He is alot like his sister Pikksie Wish, and it is super fun to experience them from this age, I am grateful to have another opportunity.

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